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FRC Hartland would be nothing without the generous donations of our sponsors.
Below you will find a list of these important corporations and organizations:

Linear Mold & Engineering
Osborn Team Apparel


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Help us to inspire the next generation of scientists, engineers, and caring citizens!

The Hartland MI Robotics Program is seeking your financial help in sustaining a program that is proven to motivate young men and women to achieve their dreams.

The Hartland Robotics Team is an intensive, after-school program designed to bring out the best in our kids. Students build a complex machine for an international competition, in which you must cooperate with other schools in order to win. Students learn machine design, programming, business, multi-media and presentation skills while working with industrial mentors and teachers. Through this intense and exciting process, students gain a deep respect for Mathematics, Science and Technology.

The team also places a strong emphasis on outreach activities and charity. Students make connections to their community through service projects and learn the importance of giving to others.

Your financial contribution will help us to continue this important work! Please consider contributing to the Hartland Robotics Program. Help us to build a brighter future for our kids.

Becoming a sponsor is easy! Whether it’s a monetary donation, extra tools or supplies, or just simply a helping hand, we would be happy to hear from you. Please contact us.